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Bulletin Board (Cont'd)



In late May, June Cossmann Spensley and husband David
boarded an Amtrak train in Los Angeles
and began a 2-1/2 day trip
to Naperville!
We spent several wonderful days there,
with the highlight being a gathering
at the home of Nancy Van Ham Lindberg
and husband Frank.

A few dear fruends were able to adjust their Memorial Day weekend plans
to gather at her home for a potluck.



(front row) Marcia Fry Goodrich, Nancy Van Ham Lindberg, June Cossmann Spensley, Jon Ripsky,
                   and Jean Wooley Kent;
(back row) Stan Lindberg, Doug Hosler, Betty Hoffman Kroening, Gloria Wolf Evans,
                  and Carol Mofaff Weissinger posed for the cameras on the front steps.

But not before enjoying several hours of laughter, good food,
and catching up on what we've each been doing.
Lots of hugs and love here.





Here we try out the dining table for size.
Carol, Marcia, Stan, June, Doug, Betty, and Jack Goodrich
smile brightly for the camera.



Time out from preparing the wonderful foods everyone brought for the occasion.
Nancy, Doug, Betty, Jean and Marcia.

Jon's wife Jeannie, Gloria, Nancy, June, and Jean
found the enclosed patio area a comfortable place
to visit.

When the Cossmann family moved to Naperville
in 1952, June's neighbor and very good friend for many years
was Jean Woolley. Some things were meant to be.



Co-chairs for the 50 year class reunion,
June and Gloria
reminisced over
their experiences working
on that event.


Thank you to the spouses and significant others
who joined us for this gathering.


Frank Lindberg
David Spensley
Jack Goodrich
Jeannie Ripsky
Tom Klingbeil
Rachel Johnson