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Test Your Memory




You were presented with the following challenge:
The year is 1943.
He is not a '58 classmate;
she is.
Name that classmate, classmates!

Say "hello" to classmate Karen Johnston and her cousin Larry Hilliard
who graduated one year ahead of us.  The photo was taken in Hinsdale.
No date was given but your webmaster is going out on a limb
and guessing it was prior to the new high school being built.
I never get to play these, so bear with me.

Answers were submitted, some of them correct,
by the following:

Mary Lynn Shiffler Walters
Judy Daniels
Paul Pucci
Marcia Fry Goodrich
Nancy Van Ham Lindberg
Jay and Joan McQuillan

Thanks for playing.
Let's dig out more photos
so the fun can resume.