7th Grade Class Photo
Washington School
photo of Miss Morrissey's 8th grade class
photo of Mr. Toothill's 8th grade class
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This photo is of Mr. Feeney's 7th grade class at Washington School.  We've had a great time putting names to the faces & had been successful with most of them.  There was an unidentified student, however, and we asked for your assistance with filling in his name.  Although Rose Chepon submitted the photo, she was previously unable to identify him.  Happily, Rose has since remembered his name.  It is Arthur Johnson & we have printed it in red below so you can determine who he is.  Since it is difficult to make out some of the students, you can receive by email a full-size copy of the picture to study and identify people.          


Photo submitted by Rose Mary Chepon

Working from the left of page:

First Row: Front to Back
Chuck Hornback, David Keller, Shirley Caldwell, Judy Meyer, Diane Enk, Joyce Karns, Sally Mueller.

      Second Row: Front to Back
Jack Sykes, Dick Nelson, June Cossmann, Pat Cowan Thompson, Rose Mary Chepon, Kip Welzel, Sharon Eichelberger, Judy Delaria.
Third Row: Front to Back
Darryl "Bud" Spangler, Bill "Flash" Shepard, Armine Tolk, Arthur Johnson, Paul Pucci.
Fourth Row: Front to Back
Bob Mehlhouse, Roger Breitweiser, Roland Fink, Frank Schultz, Bob May.

Mr. John Feeney is pictured at the rear of the room.