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Our third mini was held on Tuesday, March 13th, at the Egg Harbor Restaurant in Naperville.  It is on the corner of Jackson and Webster (Jackson is the street that leads to Centennial Beach).  Classmates living in the area and some from pretty far away, such as Don Kroening and Gerry Zimny Faivre, were in attendance.  We had some newcomers at this breakfast.  Don Peterson, who made the second breakfast at Denny's, said he had such a good time and picked up the tab for everyone.  Thanks Don.   Jerry Berthold and Judy Meiley Stevenson had picked up our previous tabs.  Back to newcomers; Jay Buikema, Lloyd Flick and his wife Billie nee Haas were there, Dorothy Loehmann Pigney was another of the first timers, and Bob Chaplin was back from vacationing in Arizona and also attended.  Pat Squires Landorf came the furthest, all the way from Monroe, WI.  Do not want to forget Jim Barna.  Those attending who made every breakfast and thus freeloaded the most were Ralph Landorf, Dave Spensley, Bob "Bope" Schrader and Gerry Zimny Faivre.  Art Shaff, Jerry Clark, Sheldon Hayer, and Marjorie Shuck Wright, all attended two breakfasts and could be considered poachers like Clay Wiker used to be called.

Art and Sylvia Shaff, Jay Buikema, Jim and Helen Barna and Pat and 
Ralph Landorf.

Pat Squires Landorf
must have had something
very interesting to say.
Andy Ferrari looks fascinated.


Dorothy Loehmann Pigney
attended for the first time.
Geraldine Zimny Faivre
was back for the third time.

Lloyd Flick & Jerry Clark

Bob Chaplin, Bob Schrader
& Don Peterson

Jerry Clark, Dave Spensley
& Bob Chaplin