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From time to time
we gather for the occasional mini-reunions.
Of course, we always try to have
a good excuse to get together,
& we found some.







Sue Ensminger Buda's return to Naperville
on a Saturday last July
gave us an opportunity to get together
with a few other classmates & do some catching up.
Sue had come in from the San Francisco Bay Area for a visit
with a college friend of hers from Monmouth College.

Bob Schrader picked her up in Oak Brook shopping center
& they traveled out to Naperville for the day.
After a visit to her old home on Douglas Avenue,
they went by Centennial Beach & the carillon bell tower,
& then headed to the Colonial Cafe.
Sheldon "Moose" Hayer & Rose Ann Stash Landorf
joined them there for lunch.
From the left are: Bob Schrader, Rose Ann Stash Landorf,
Sue Ensminger Buda, & Sheldon Hayer.
The calf is not a classmate.



They then headed over to visit with Rosemary Rickert at her home.
Bob's wife, Linda, was also in attendance,
& took these photographs.
Thanks, Linda.





Every year a group of us get together
to play golf in the
Myrtle Beach,
South Carolina, area.
We've done this for three years now,
always in early April.
Each time we've played
three or four rounds of golf
at various coursed in both
North & South Carolina.
The following photos are from
our 2003 trip.


Here we are putting on golf shoes before
heading out to play Pine Lakes golf course,
The Grand Daddy of golf courses
in Myrtle Beach area because it is the
oldest. Great chili is prepared on the 8th hole





Hugh Davidson and Roger Kilb stopped for a
bit of breakfast before going out to play
18 holes of golf.





The entire party of five, Hugh Davidson,
Don Peterson, Arden Siebert,
Bob "Bope" Schrader, & Roger Kilb
on the last day at Myrtle Beach.

We tried to get Dave Shadday
 to join us this year as he did in 2002,
but he was working out on
Bald Island, selling real estate.
Chuck Schnibben had hoped to join us,
as well; however, he had to cover for a dentist
during the time we were getting together.






Arden, Hugh, Bope,
Don & Roger
 enjoyed a fine dinner on their second to last night
in Myrtle Beach.
We are planning to make this same trip again next year
& are hoping more classmates will join us
for golf.