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 These students are from the classes of 1956 & 1957.
The picture was taken in the fall of 1955 during junior year's Carnival.


    At the far left in the back of the photo is Van Benson; the fellow in the "57" hat is Bill Barnhardt; barely seen to his right is Bill Callahan.  The white hat is atop Jerry Wells, who is next to Jean Riddlesberger.  In from of them & peaking out is JoAnn Harder.  Moving across the picture to the right, towards the back in the black hat is John Spencer.  The other black hat, down towards the front, is Don Armstrong; to the right is Lynn Rutherford; to the left is Judy Rotter; & at his elbow we see Virginia Witt (class of '56).  Front & center is Barb Bertolli (class of '56).